Hover Near

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PRAHLAD: Hover Near


Foreigner Blues

If I had the money
I would leave this town
Pack up all of my things
and I’d be Virginia bound,
Oh my babe,
I wanna go home. 

Can’t even drive my car
in the day or night.Here comes Mr. Babylon
With his blinking lights. 

Miss my mama, sisters and brothers
Nieces, nephews, and cousins too
Daddy died a few years back
What you gonna do?

Since I left my family
No one knows my name,
People think they’re being nice
But they’re mean all the same,

Raising up you children
In a foreign place,
Watch them turn to foreigners
Right before your face,
I’m a foreigner in this town
Just like overseas,
That’s the reason why
My heart can’t get no peace.
Oh my babe,
I wanna go home.

New Orleans

O New Orleans
was a pretty town,

‘till Katrina
tore it down.

Well all these years,
still ain’t free.
Love them cats and dogs
more than me.

Up on the roof tops
trying to get down.
Same thing happenin’
all over town.

Took my money
took my land.
Feel like slavery times
all over again.

Send a letter to white house,
tell ol' pharoah
he better let my
people go.

O New Orleans
was a pretty town.
'till Katrina
blow it down.

President sit back
sippin’ gin,
say it was just
a little wind.

Say don’t worry
it’ll be alright.
Let me lay down
and rest for the night.

Pink Elephant

I’m just a stranger  here
and a stranger everywhere. (2x)
It used to bother me, but
now I really don’t care. (2x)

I’m just the pink elephant that people
pretend not to see (2x)
Your mama and daddy talk to you but never
say a word to me. (2x)

And all of your friends
think I’m really cool.
Just like an exotic pet
that you brought home from the zoo.

And all my black friends
Say I act too white.
I’m just not down with the brothers and I don’t talk right.

The Cherokee nation
treats me like a black sheep
they screwed my grandma
and now they want to disown me.

Just eat a mango or
a juicy peach.
or watch a hip keep slipping  ohh
down at Venice beach.

My baby rocks me  with
a steady roll.
She gimme that good strawberry
jelly roll.



She is troubled by images
of lynchings
she has never witnessed
and never heard of.

She feels them. She sees
them unfold in front of her
at the most inconvenient
At the copier in the law firm
where she is always
a step away from
becoming a partner.

In a board meeting,
as she is about to speak.
Mangled body hanging
from an oak tree.

She can hear the white
crowd cheering like
the fans in a football

Unless Jerry, the gay
guy, eats in, she sits alone
in the lunch room, reading
the daily news.




Everything was fine
'til daddy lost his job,  
lost everything, now
we’re sleeping in the car.

And the hum of
the streetlights
at night
sings me to sleep.
And I pray to
the good lord
my soul to keep.

We never get to play.
We never get to wash.
It’s dirty and smelly
inside our little car.


Lots of dirty kids
around the garbage fire.
Sometimes they go with strangers
For money to survive.


There’s U-boy and Oozo
Jenny and Kate.
Little Sheronda’s
thin as a rail.


Too Long


Been too long
since I smiled
and ran across the fields,
like I did as a child.
Am I still on the path? (3x)
Or am I running wild,
running wild ?

Too many years
since joy came.
And showered my soul
just like a spring rain.
If I’d only known
of the quicksand up ahead,
If I’d only known
would’ve gone
another way.

When did the sun disappear
and the sky turn grey?
When did I stop my dancing, child,
and turn all work, no play?
If I moved away
maybe I could change my name,
If I moved away
it would still be
the same.